Echoes of Earth

Beth and her friends are recovering from brain trauma at a dedicated medical unit. But the truth about their missing memories is more explosive than they could have imagined…


Beth forgot her past. What if there’s nothing to remember?

Beth has spent six months at the remote Steptoe House in the English countryside and still can’t remember a single thing from before her car accident. The doctors say that’s normal. They say traumatic brain injuries heal at their own pace and insist the music therapy they prescribe to their patients is key to their recovery.

But something is off at Steptoe House, and Beth can feel it. There’s a wrongness there—a discord between what is and what should be. Strange voices echo down the halls at night and shifting shadows beckon. And Beth certainly doesn’t dare tell anyone she’s been talking to ghosts.

So, when new patient Toby arrives, she’s relieved to make a friend she can trust, a confidant to share her ghosts with, plus he’s really cute. Together, they will tackle the mystery of Steptoe and uncover more than either of them ever bargained for.

What readers say:

“The twists in this book were utterly unexpected and kept me desperate to read more. Can’t recommend it enough!”

“Edge of your seat stuff!”

– Amazon reviewers.



The story continues. Beth and Toby have escaped sinister Steptoe House. But is their new destination even more dangerous? And can they rescue their friends still imprisoned at Steptoe House?