The Clockwork War

Imagine that Elizabeth I never ruled.

England and Scotland never unified under James VI/I.

It’s the 1840s, and the two countries are once more at war.

The Clockwork War, available in Shattered Worlds

Summer 2017 sees the launch of Katy’s new series. The Clockwork War is a steampunk/alternate history mash-up.

First in the series, The Clockwork War, is available exclusively in the Shattered Worlds collection. You can pre-order the collection (23 fantasy, PNR and sci-fi YA stories) for just .99 right now. See the Shattered Worlds website for details.

Cover of The Replacement Princess

Prequel story, The Replacement Princess, is now available at all retailers. This short story is your FREE introduction to the world of the clockwork war.

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