The Clockwork War

Imagine that Elizabeth I never ruled.

England and Scotland never unified.

It’s the 1840s, and the two countries are once more at war.

An Airship from Ashes releases today. Second in the series, we return to Gordy and Clara as they pick up the pieces following a Scottish attack on London. Grab your copy now!

“What was it about family that could compel us into things we’d never voluntarily choose to do? What might my life be like if I didn’t have my brothers to provide for?”

The Clockwork War is a steampunk/alternate history mash-up, available exclusively in the Shattered Worlds collection. Grab the collection (20+ fantasy, PNR and sci-fi YA stories), it’s available as an ebook, and via Kindle Unlimited.

Cover of The Replacement Princess

Prequel story, The Replacement Princess, is now available at all retailers. This short story is your FREE introduction to the world of the clockwork war.

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And second in the series, An Airship from Ashes, is coming out shortly. Grab a copy on pre-order and it will be delivered to your Kindle in September (this one is an Amazon exclusive – so you can get it with your KU subscription, too).

Clara Lissing’s devices should have helped England win the war. Instead, the Scots have stolen away King Simon. Battling enemies on both sides of the border, Gordy and Clara must reach Scotland and steal back their king if their country isn’t to fall for the last time.