The Firethorn Kingdoms

“I can’t get enough of this author!”

– Kelly St Clare, best selling author of The Tainted Accords and Pirates of Felicity series

A powerless princess. Forbidden magic. An impossible choice.

Princess Jurelle is the perfect, obedient daughter. But when the King orders her to marry the brutal king of Surran, her obedience finds its limits.

Using forbidden magic, Jurelle seeks revenge. She’s helped by Lyo, a Surran rebel working against the king Jurelle is promised to wed.

But when Jurelle’s magical powers threaten to expose her, she’s forced to make a heart-breaking choice between a safe life hiding her abilities, and a dangerous existence setting her magic free – but losing everything she’s ever known.
A princess in need of freedom. A prince in need of allies. A dragon in need of rescue.

Princess Relle has escaped from her stifling life in the Muirland Palace. But she isn’t safe yet. She must flee the country before her magic is discovered and she’s put to death as a witch.

Rebel Lyo will help her reach the fae, but they can’t go empty-handed. The dragon currently imprisoned by the Muirland mages would be the perfect offering.

Provided they can get into the heavily-guarded tower to set the creature free – and back out afterwards.
A princess betrayed. A faithless prince. A powerful awakening.

Broken-hearted by Lyo’s treachery, Relle has turned her back on the kingdoms of Surran and Muirland.She heads for the Firethorn Mountains where she hopes the fae can offer her a place to belong and instruction in her newly-awakened shape-shifter magic.Relle discovers new friends and uncovers old secrets, but when truths about her fae heritage threaten to destroy everything, Relle will need to accept help from allies old and new to find a future where she can thrive.
A country devastated. A murdered prince. An impossible alliance.

Princess Relle has gained mastery over her shifter magic, and with Lyo’s help she’s destroyed the unprincipled mages and freed Muirland of their stranglehold on magic.

But the Firethorn Kingdoms are a long way from peace. Muirland and Surran stand on the brink of war. If Relle and Lyo work together they may be able to change the fate of their nations – but can they set aside past hurts and strive towards a united future?
A courtly game.
An impossible prize.

Lady Hanna is used to being the neglected, unwanted daughter, ignored by a father who only values his sons.

Until Muirland’s crown prince needs a wife.

Suddenly, Hanna is dragged from her quiet life and taken to the royal court, where it is a matter of life and death to fulfil her father’s ambitions by beating the other candidates and winning the prince’s hand.

But four other girls – beautiful, clever and determined – are also vying to become the princess. Inexperienced Hanna must learn to navigate the treacherous currents of court life – and friendship – if she is to have any chance of securing a glittering future for herself.
Winning everything she desired only gave her something to lose…

Queen Hanna has secured the heart of her prince – now the king – but her position is as perilous as it ever was. King Jaran needs an heir, and a year after their wedding Hanna is still not pregnant. Enemies at court smile to her face while plotting behind her back, using her failure to produce an heir to weaken the crown and strengthen the hand of Muirland’s disgraced mages.
Jaran and Hanna both know the issue lies with Jaran, but if his secret were known it would threaten his rule. Unwilling to countenance infidelity, Hanna is determined to find a solution – but when that solution relies on magic, can she persuade cynical King Jaran to trust in the River Queen’s Spell?
Step into the Firethorn Kingdoms once again to discover whether Jaran and Hanna can secure their truly happy ending.
Orphaned, alone and a mother out of wedlock, Ana is poor and powerless. Or so she thinks. But when her ex-suitor tries to steal her son away from her, the magic Ana never knew she had bursts free in an explosion of chaos and destruction.
That moment changes Ana’s life forever. Expecting severe punishment for her crimes, Ana is thrown a lifeline instead. She’s whisked away from everything she knows to the Academy of Light where she must learn to use her magic for the good of the kingdom.
If she succeeds, she’ll be reunited with her son.
If she fails … well, misused magic still carries the death penalty in Muirland.
How many last chances can she count on before her luck finally runs out?
All unwed mother Ana wants is the chance to look after her son. But her magic seems to have different ideas, and her inability to control her destructive power threatens to make that small ambition impossible.
She’s determined to use her magic for good and be reunited with her young son, but others are equally determined to twist her abilities for their own, nefarious ends. When she’s drawn into a plot against Muirland’s crown, Ana must risk everything she has to protect her son – or lose him forever.
Ana has been reunited with her son, but she’s far from enjoying the independent life she thought her magic would provide. Appointed sorcerer to the king, the Muirland palace may be luxurious, but it feels like an ornate cage. And the king seems unable to decide whether he wants to use Ana’s magic – or destroy it.
Working with her friends, Ana develops ways to use her magic that could free her from royal demands – but when old enemies reappear, her resolutions to only do good will be tested to the full.
Ana has learned to bring her magic under control, but it might all be for nothing.
All she wants is to choose her own path through life with her magical abilities, but once more someone else has different ideas. A strange, magical sickness has overcome Muirland. Everyone in the kingdom lies in an enchanted sleep.
Immune to the enchantment, Ana and her friends must find the mage responsible and destroy the spell.
Their combined magic may be powerful, but the source of the spell is a magic unfathomably old and potent, and they will need strength, wisdom and unity if they are to have a hope of succeeding.