Step into the Firethorn Kingdoms. A world full of fantasy, magic and adventure…

“I can’t get enough of this author!”

– Kelly St Clare, best selling author of The Tainted Accords and Pirates of Felicity series

A powerless princess. A forbidden magic. A kingdom on the brink of war. 

Princess Jurelle of Muirland tries to be the obedient daughter her father demands.Even when he commands her to marry the brutal king of neighbouring Surran, she doesn’t protest – at least on the surface.But she will not tamely accept her fate.Using magic that would earn the death penalty if discovered, Jurelle steals her father’s pet dragonette. Her aim is to sneak the creature out of the country with help from Lyo, a refugee seeking the downfall of the Surran king. What Jurelle doesn’t know is that the deal they strike to gain revenge on two kings will have a lasting impact on both their lives, and repercussions that will change the fate of three kingdoms.

If you love: dragons, magic, ruthless royals and girls who refuse to be pushed around, this is the book for you!

The Princess Witch series is complete and ready for you to binge read. After Dragon Thief, continue Princess Jurelle’s story with: Dragon Flight, Dragon Fury and Dragon Stone.

More by Katy:

If fantasy is your thing, the Four Kings series is complete and ready for you. The series starts with Awakened by Magic, followed by Inspired by Magic, Shattered by Magic, Drenched by Magic and Ignited by Magic, finishing with final volume, Courted by Magic. Kyann only wants a peaceful life, but when the evil Stalwart Emperor kidnaps her sister, she needs the help of four legendary kings to get her back – and peaceful isn’t how they make her feel

Or you might like to crank your cogs, wind your gears and step into the glorious steampunk universe of the Clockwork War. England and Scotland are mortal enemies and mechanical genius Clara holds the key to ending the ongoing war. This steampunk series starts with The Clockwork War , continues in An Airship from Ashes, followed by The Tinker Queen, and finale, The Immortality Device.

Urban fantasy/fantasy the Crown of Fane duology – The Last Gatekeeper and The Last Dreamseer,

Stand-alone post-apocalyptic dystopian novel Rising Tides.

Check my book pages for more information (and trailers – I love a nice book trailer), check out a free read, or see what I’ve been reading lately on the Paisley Piranha blog.

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  1. Heidi Murphy says:

    Just finished your book Rising Tides and wanted to read the short to find out what happened to Libby and Cosimo, but my kindle won’t let me join your street team to get it. Can I do that here?


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