The Four Kings

Four kings. One girl. And a magical destiny that binds them.

Welcome to the Empire of Charnrosa, a bountiful land of peace, plenty and magic … until the evil Stalwart Emperor unbalances the land to hoard magic for himself, killing magicians and stealing their power.

Kyann is an orphan on the run. She cares for nothing but protecting her sister from the man who killed their mother eight years before. She certainly wants no part of a magical destiny that will put her on a collision course with the Emperor. The kings can say what they like, there’s no chance she’ll join the four compelling, handsome and powerful men on what has to be a wild goose chase…

Awakened by Magic is out now.

Magic is fading in Charnrosa. The Emperor is killing magicians and hoarding their magic for himself.

Kyann doesn’t believe in the stories of the four kings. She just wants to keep herself and her sister safe following the failed rebellion that killed their parents. She dreams of a quiet life. But that becomes impossible when the four kings of legend wake and insist that Kyann is Charnrosa’s guardian.

Kyann has no intention of joining four mythical kings on a wild goose chase. But then Kyann’s sister is abducted, and the four kings are the only people who can help her carry out a rescue inside the Emperor’s impenetrable citadel.

Inspired by Magic is available for pre-order, and will be released on July 13th.

Sometimes, destiny gets it wrong. 

Kyann can’t be the guardian spoken of in legend. She has no magic, so how can she be the one to return peace to a ravaged Empire?

But the four kings are insistent. And when they are determined, these four powerful men are hard to resist…



Shattered by Magic will follow on July 27th.

Kyann and the four kings have started to form the alliances they need to overthrow the Stalwart Emperor. But the Emperor has friends, too, and he will do anything to hold onto power.

With underworld creatures causing havoc in Charnrosa, Kyann and the kings must be strong and determined to keep the people of the Empire safe.

But as battle looms, Kyann faces a loss more bitter than any she’s experienced before.