The Four Kings

Four kings. One girl. And a magical destiny that binds them.

Welcome to the Empire of Charnrosa, a bountiful land of peace, plenty and magic … until the evil Stalwart Emperor begins to hoard magic for himself, killing magicians and stealing their power.

Kyann is an orphan on the run. She cares for nothing but protecting her sister from the man who killed their mother eight years before. She certainly wants no part of a magical destiny that will put her on a collision course with the Emperor. The kings can say what they like, there’s no chance she’ll join the four compelling, handsome and powerful men on what has to be a wild goose chase…

Awakened by Magic is out now.

Life isn’t a story. No one’s riding to the rescue.

Kyann lost everything eight years ago: her parents, her home, and her magic. The one thing she has left is her sister, Essa. So when the Emperor abducts Essa, Kyann will do whatever it takes to get her back, even if that means waking four legendary kings who haven’t been seen in five centuries.

The four kings possess powerful, elemental magic, Kyann knows that. What she isn’t expecting is that after five hundred years asleep they are still young, and strong and … hot.

Kyann won’t lose her sister. But she might just lose her heart.


Second in the series is Inspired by Magic.

Sometimes, destiny gets it wrong. 

Kyann can’t be the guardian spoken of in legend. She has no magic, so how can she be the one to return peace to a ravaged Empire?

But the four kings are insistent. And when they are determined, these four powerful men are hard to resist…



Shattered by Magic

Just because you’re right, doesn’t mean you’ll be victorious

Every day, the Emperor gets stronger, and allies are joining him, eager for power. But Kyann’s magic is growing in strength, and the four kings elemental might is also intensifying. The two sides are closely matched.

With underworld creatures causing havoc in Charnrosa, Kyann and the kings must be strong and determined to keep the people of the Empire safe.

As battle looms, Kyann faces a loss more bitter than any she’s experienced before.

Kyann won’t let the Emperor win, whatever it takes.

The souls of Axxon and Rey have been stolen, ripped from their bodies to leave the Emperor free to fulfil his evil ambitions.

But Kyann isn’t the frightened girl she used to be. She’s grown used to facing danger. If she has to venture into the underworld to fetch back Axxon and Rey’s souls, then that’s what she’ll do.

The decision is easy, the reality harder. Once they cross into the underworld, will they be helped by the goddess, or stopped by the fabled soultaker?

Ignited by Magic

Powerful midsummer magic will be unleashed. For good or ill.

Kyann and the four kings have raised an army to face the Stalwart Emperor. The battle between the two sides will seal the future of Charnrosa.

As they encounter new threats and old enemies, Kyann must accept her destiny as guardian and embrace her long-reject magic if she is to save the Empire – and the men – she loves.


Cover of Katy Haye's Courted by MagicWar was hard. Peace is harder.

The Stalwart Emperor has been vanquished. The Empire of Charnrosa is safe and peaceful.
If only the same were true of Kyann’s heart.

Now there are no battles to be won, she’s faced with a fight against her own emotions. She loves each of the Four Kings, but you can’t love four men at once – can you?