Rising Tides

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Libby can’t trust Cosimo. But she might not survive without him…

Libby Marchmont lives a privileged life on a drowned Earth. As the daughter of the City’s only doctor she has it all, including the opportunity to assist her father in his surgeries to create nautilus men—the divers of the deep that keep society supplied with food and tools from the Time Before.

But when her father secretly performs nautilus surgery on a lowly and infuriating reamer boy named Cosimo, Libby knows something is wrong. And when her father’s murder forces Libby and Cosimo to flee, her life is turned upside down.

Stranded in the middle of the sea with a boy she hates, Libby must survive long enough to uncover the truth: the tides are rising again and it will take more than nautilus men to save the world this time.

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What reviewers say:

“readers will find themselves sucked into the story”Ind’tale magazine

” a gem of the YA genre”YA Books Central

“the writing was BEYOND spectacular”Twin Reads

“a compelling read [with] cool and ingenious concepts, a captivating plot [and] vivid and engaging characters” Readers’ Favourite

“a fascinating young adult dystopian tale with a dousing of adventure and a splash of romance” Adventures in Writing

“I was hooked from the first page” – With Love for Books

“Absolutely stunning” Hopelessly Devoted Bibliophile 

“the fastest I’ve read a book” The Page Unbound

“a wild adventure of survival, sacrifice and young love” Fundinmental

“I was sooo excited to get the opportunity to read this book” Smada’s Book Smack

“I highly recommend this book to you all!” Reading, Writing and What Not

“enjoy every bit of this swirling journey of action and … romantic entanglement” Mama Reads Hazel Sleeps

“a unique read” Voracious Bookling

Read on for an extract from the novel

The patient, Cosimo, had stripped to the waist as everyone had to do for the procedure. He was skinny, although his shoulders were already broad. Maybe he was older than he looked, but I’d have wagered everything I owned he didn’t have the licence he needed for the operation. And my father had to know that as well as I did.

I held out a phial holding some of our precious soap. “You need to wash well,” I told him. “You must be properly clean or you could contract an infection and die.” My tone indicated how much I would care if that eventuality came about.

His skin flushed and my heart welled with satisfaction to know my barb had struck. Then came a swell of guilt which was out of all proportion – I had only told him the truth.

“Ah’ve come a long way to get here,” he explained.

It was the first time he’d spoken in my hearing and the shock of his voice made my eyes widen. That accent! “You’re a reamer.”

He didn’t deny the accusation, pressing together the lips that had given him away. I turned to my father. “He’s a gorming reamer, Pa.” The chill inside me increased – thieves and vagabonds the lot of them. There was no way a reamer boy would be granted a licence for the procedure by City’s Magistrate. How had he forced my father to agree to the operation?

“He’s a patient,” Pa corrected calmly.

I backed towards the door. “I’m fetching a watchman.”

Cosimo stood up, fists clenching as though he’d physically force me to stay. My father reached out a hand to hold him back, looking steadily at me. “Libby, I will ask for your co-operation. And if I do not receive it, I shall command your obedience, as my daughter and my apprentice. Pretend you didn’t hear the boy and do your job.” Our gazes met and held. Pa’s was calm, implacable as the sea. Mine blurred with fear. He stated, “I do this willingly. A favour for an old friend.”

“We aren’t friends with reamers,” I countered, my gaze darting to the boy.

“Then perhaps it is time City learned to be friends with all its neighbours,” Pa replied.

I watched him as the seconds passed but his expression didn’t waver. He betrayed no doubt in what he planned to do. Nor any fear.

After a long time, I nodded. “I’ll fetch the chloroform,” I murmured.

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