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Is this writer’s block?

I don’t hold with the concept of writer’s block. There isn’t a special flu that only writers get which stops us writing. If you’re a writer, you write and (in my view) that’s an end to it. There are good … Continue reading

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Dare to Dream: imagination and the Space Station

This week is “Brits in Space” week – Major Tim Peake has finished his years of astronaut training by blasting off to the International Space Station. I’ve been watching with utter absorption because I love the ISS – to me … Continue reading

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A whole new world

I love writing fantasy because in that genre you get to make it all up as you go along – don’t you? You absolutely do make up a new world, but “as you go along” might be problematic – whatever … Continue reading

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Lie to me!

I write (and read) fantasy, which is perhaps the most obviously “made-up” of fiction genres, and suspension of disbelief is key to spinning a successful fantasy tale. Suspension of disbelief can perhaps be summed up as ‘don’t allow a little … Continue reading

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