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My Alphabet Challenge: A is for …

Among Wolves. And that turned out to be a fine start to my new reading year. It’s post-apocalyptic and with a reasonably familiar premise, but the narrator was excellent, and the finale was pulse-raisingly dramatic stuff. Please watch out for my full review of Among Wolves, which will be on the Paisley Piranha site shortly.

So that’s me nicely on schedule to reading A – Z in fiction during the first 26 weeks of 2017.

Next on my kindle is Joanne Dannon’s Bidding on Love. I saw it just as I was casting about for a ‘B’ book. A departure from my usual reading fare, it’s not YA fiction, but much more a pure romance, complete with a dashing millionaire hero. I can’t wait to see how he sweeps the heroine off her feet!


I am still filling in my A – Z list from my TBR pile and from recommendations I come across. If you’d like to pitch something you’ve read and enjoyed (or that you’ve written) just let me know in the comments below.

Bye for now!

New Year, New Challenge

Happy New year!

It’s another year, so it’s time for another challenge. I’m no longer restricting myself to free books so my pool of choice is now vast. That’s great, but it can make it hard to decide what to read.

So I’ve decided to try an alphabet challenge. For as long as it takes to work my way through the alphabet I’m going to read books with titles from A- Z. At last count there were 26 letters in the English alphabet and I reckon a book a week is a conservative target for my reading speed, so I should be done by the end of June. There. That’s lots of targets tied up nice and tight.

This week, unsurprisingly (I’m such a rule follower), will be A. I picked a sub-genre (dystopian) and simply scrolled until I found something that began with an A and appealed to me. I ended up with Among Wolves. I’ve only read the start, but I’m gripped already. It opens with someone who’s about to be killed, and oh my do I want to find out how he wound up facing a gun!

Cover of Among Wolves
Check the preview and see if you find it intriguing, too.

Oh, and wouldn’t you know – now it’s not necessary, I caught it on a free offer!

I’ll keep you posted on the book and my challenge. It’s a way off yet, but I can foresee problems when I get to Q, X and Z – so if you know of any good books (preferably YA) with titles starting with those letters, please let me know in the comments!