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I is for … Indulgent re-reading

After the drama of last week’s H read, I decided to relax this week and allowed myself to indulge in a re-read.

Steven Gould’s Jumper series is one of my absolute favourite books. Jumper would certainly go with me to a desert island, and the follow-up, Impulse, is equally delightful, telling the story of original jumper Davy’s daughter, Cent (short for Millicent, after her mother).

Sci-fi at its very best.

This must be my fourth or fifth re-reading of Impulse, and it was as much as joy as every other time. I was sad to finish – but it’s there on my shelf, ready to be picked up next time I need it.

I’m very tempted to make Jumper my next, ‘J’ read, but that would be a bit too indulgent. So tune in next week to see what I do choose.

How about you – Are you a re-reader? Is there a book (or two) that you always fall back on when you want a satisfying read?