Becoming a writer

This week I visited the Write Romantics’ blog, where they discussed what they had wanted to be “when they grew up”. The blog was titled “life before writing” and they all had very different careers in mind.

I was fascinated by this, because for me there wasn’t a life before writing – all I’ve ever wanted to be “when I grew up” was a writer. The path from having that desire to becoming a published author, however, has been quite a long haul. I’ve created a video to show how I became a writer, and to say thank you to some of the writers and the books that have helped along the way.

(Video copyright Katy Haye; Audio copyright Microsoft Corporation, all rights reserved)

11 thoughts on “Becoming a writer

  1. What a terrific idea, Katy. I thoroughly enjoyed your video and wish you masses of good luck with The Last Gatekeeper. I think it a great title, by the way.

    Liz x


  2. What a wonderful idea, Katy! I too have just ventured into self-publishing (ebook only so far but getting to grips with formatting for Createspace. Hope The Last Gatekeeper sells really well.


  3. I nodded with recognition to everything in your video (except the self-publishing element which I haven’t tried – yet!). It it a long and arduous journey but nothing quite compares to the feeling of holding your first book in your hands! Best of luck. Hx


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