Seasonal energetic disorder

I love the long days of spring/summer. I’m sure I’m not alone in that, but it’s not so much the sunshine, or watching the flowers come into bloom that makes me smile. It’s the amount of stuff I get done.

The only things I’ve ever read about the seasons and the affect have on people has been negative – seasonal affective disorder and the depression that can cause. I’ve never heard anything positive about long days, but positive effects are what I find in my house at this time of year. I hope perhaps if I blog about it other people will say, “Me, too.”

When people ask if I’m a morning or a night person I don’t really know what to say because the answer is, really, neither. In winter I want to sleep late AND go to bed early, which is entirely rubbish, however, in the summer it all reverses and I’m up and writing or in the garden at 6am and eager to keep going after tea, surprised to find that it’s 8pm and time to start the bedtime routine.

So at the moment I’m loving the long days because of the way the WIP is jogging along nicely, my TBR pile is diminishing, and those bits of DIY around the house are getting done. I just have to remember this when it’s December and things go into reverse – unless I could find a way to move to the southern hemisphere for November – February and maintain my current productivity. Hmm…

I can’t believe I’m the only person to experience this – does anyone else find their energy levels expanding with the length of the days?

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