Something for Nothing

Well, it’s blatant promo this week, so switch off now if that’s not your thing.

I was at YALC (Young Adult Literature Convention – an offshoot of ComicCon) this weekend, having a wonderful time talking about books and having the occasional fan girl moment. I also learned something pretty important for my writing career, which is that everyone loves a freebie.

People were only buying moderate numbers of books (well, I can understand that – I lugged a case of books around the Underground and couldn’t honestly recommend it as a terrific amount of fun), but they did like to pick up badges and bookmarks and sign-up for giveaways.

Gatekeeper BRAGSo here’s my giveaway: if you’d like to read The Last Gatekeeper for free, you can download a copy for your eReader. You will be asked to sign up to my Reader Group, but if The Last Gatekeeper isn’t your cup of tea you can opt out and we’ll say no more about it (promise).

If you don’t like YA or fantasy, maybe you could tell a friend – it’s open to all!

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