My free reading challenge: loopholes

Well, when I set the rules for my free reading challenge (I’m going to read only books I’ve got (legitimately) for free until Christmas), I granted myself the loophole that I was allowed to buy books as gifts for other people.

I’m kind of hoping I’m not stretching that too much with my recent activity. I’ve had the RNA conference (lovely free books in the conference pack – I was in heaven!) followed by YALC (Young Adult Literature Convention – part of ComicCon in London). I didn’t buy anything for myself at YALC (and believe me, there was plenty of temptation!), and nor did I buy any immediate gifts for people I know, but I did buy several to use as giveaways with my fellow Paisley Piranhas.

Holly Bourne at YALC
Holly Bourne with Am I Normal Yet (which was, imo, robbed of the YA Book Prize)

I picked books I’ve read and loved since last YALC – and I got them signed, which I’m sure should probably be a loophole in itself!

Julie Mayhew and The Big Lie
Julie Mayhew at YALC, with her rather fabulous novel The Big Lie

Aside from that, I have been very restrained. I’ve been busily reading review copies for the Paisley Piranha review blog – and I’ve found that writers are generally very open to giving an ecopy of their book in exchange for a review. Fortunately, so far everything I’ve read has been worth reading and has got, or will get, a positive review (I’m jinxing myself now, of course!).

I’ll keep you posted on whether a reading diet of nothing but free continues to be satisfying, or if I fall off the waggon and start buying again! Please follow my blog to get updates.

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