My free reading challenge: a delightful glut

Well, last week’s giveaway source of free books provided rich pickings. I’ve only started three so far, and I’ve already finished and loved two of them – the third I’m not so sure about, but we’ll see.

To be fair (and to armour myself against future disappointment), I started with the ones that attracted me most. I’m a very picky reader and I’ll be pretty surprised (and delighted) if I continue to like two thirds of all of them (there were ten authors to try in all), but even if I’ve only – ‘only’! – found two new authors to love I’m thrilled.

Drown in books

And I’m delighted to report that these freebies have perked me out of a bit of a reading slump. I’d had a bit of a slog with a couple of read-for-review books I’d selected that didn’t turn out to be as strong as I’d hoped from the previews (gotta love the preview feature; it’s saved me from many a mistake). So zipping through three books in four days has been hugely satisfying. My reading mojo is back and I have oodles more books to feast my eyes and my imagination upon. Life is good.

Right, now I’d better get off and write the reviews I said I would for the books I liked.

Back next week with another update!

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