E is for … Elementary, my dears!

My “E” pick was the Elementals series by Michelle Madow. I was really pleased that I’d got a bit ahead of myself where my schedule’s concerned, so I had chance to read this series in one, glorious gulp (I got through them in a week; not that I’m boasting or anything. Ahem). It’s a cracking YA-take on the Olympian gods, with their teen descendants charged with saving the world.

Elementals boxset graphic

Elementals is a smashing read (click on the graphic to check it out), but I don’t want to focus on the book today as I’ll be writing a review on the Paisley Piranhas site next week (do check it out if you’re interested in reviews and recommendations for YA books).

What occurred to me about my Alphabet Challenge this week is how some letters seem to be vastly more popular than others when it comes to titles. I’m noting down potentials as I go through and getting my reading lined up in a manner that’s most unusual for me, which is bringing up patterns I wouldn’t have noticed otherwise.

I could have read about six “C” books; there are two I want to read for both “N” and “M”; and I could fill my “S” slot roughly eight times over (check back later in the year to find out what wins!).

Of course, it’s no surprise that X, Y and Z are proving harder to fill (oddly enough, Q is presenting no problem because “Queen” is starting to overtake “Girl” as the word you absolutely have to have in your title these days *starts plotting a “Queen” book…*) I am, though, surprised that “H”, “I” and “K” don’t seem to crop up very much as title openers in books I come across (rather than actively searching).

So, if you have any recommendations (YA preferred, but I do read outside my genre now and then), please let me know!

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