F is for … Fabulous Fantasy

Last week I read an entire series. This week I finished another. Now, that’s making me sound like some kind of a superwoman who can read four or five books a week. I so wish that was true, but unfortunately I can’t read quite that fast (damn you, real life!).

In actual fact, I’ve been reading Kelly St Clare’s Tainted Accords series on and off since I first discovered her last year. I only had the final one outstanding, and since they all begin “Fantasy of…” I decided my alphabet challenge was the perfect opportunity to round it all off.

Kelly St Clare's Tainted Accords series
Click to check out first in the series, Fantasy of Frost

If you enjoy reading fantasy I recommend these. Olina is a fabulous character and the books are a tremendous romp across two worlds. They are all good (once more, there’ll be a review on the Paisley Piranha site shortly), but I think the one I read this week, the final Fantasy of Freedom was best of the lot, an absolute cracker.

So, all’s going well on my alphabet challenge so far. I’ve managed at least a book a week, which I’m pleased about. Next is a book recommended to me – and an actual ink and paper book (I don’t read many of those these days). Check back next week to see how I got on with The Goldfish Boy.


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