N is for … New Kid, new release

Well, if you read my blog last week you’ll know I was scrambling, having managed to disorder my alphabet in a rather rookie error and forgotten to line up an “N” book.

However, a dear and lovely writer I know then released New Kid in Town and I was sorted.

Cover of Jacky Gray's New Kid in Town
Click to read the preview

I don’t read many contemporaries, but now and then they make a nice change from the craziness of other worlds and magic and sorcerers which provide my usual reading fare.

New Kid in Town was a real pleasure. It gave a convincing depiction of mercurial teenage relationships. As I was reading I really felt again that dreadful tension around turning friendships into relationships when you don’t quite dare take the plunge in case your feelings aren’t reciprocated. Oh, the horror of adolescence!

If you like contemporary YA literature, give this a try.

And check back next week to hear what became of my “O” book.

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