R is for … riding high again!

Oh, this week was a breath of fresh air! I fell into Risuko and, frankly, didn’t want to ever come out. It’s absolutely glorious!

In short, it’s a Japanese medieval warlord adventure. I loved, loved, loved the world. It’s the sort of place I’d like to go on holiday (except with a really good guide who could ensure I wasn’t run through with a samurai sword!). If you’ve read (or only heard of) Lian Hearn’s Across the Nightingale Floor series, it’s a lot like that.

Cover of David Kudler's Risuko
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Sadly, I did swoop through it in two days, and now I just want the next to come out so I can vanish into that world again!

With my spare time I moved on to another on my TBR pile, Melle Amade’s Remnant. It’s the second in her shifter series and the series is really hotting up.

So that’s two fabulous R books in a week, and I am raring to go with my ‘S’ book – Sand Runner. Check back next week to discover how I got on.

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