W is for … well recommended!

I joined Instagram recently, on a bit of a three-line whip from a group I’m working with. But I’m glad I got the push because Instagram (or, more accurately bookstagram, since I’m in it for the books) is fabulous. It reminds me of what twitter was like before everyone used it to promote and run: overflowing with book love and a fabulous bunch of like-minded people enthusing about books they’ve read or want to read. I’m in a couple of challenges to give me ideas and I’m thoroughly enjoying posting pretty book pictures and connecting with people who like the same kind of books as I do (if you hang out on Instagram, find me @katyhaye).

As I was scrolling through, finding my feet in my first few days, a few books stood out. There was lots of the Grisha chronicles (And anything by Leigh Bardugo got a “heart” from me) along with Cassandra Clare and Sarah J Maas (hmm, not so much of a fan). In particular, the book Caravel was getting a lot of love, along with a contemporary YA romance, When Dimple met Rishi. Ah-ha, thought I, I need a “W” book, and that looks good.

When I walked into Waterstones last weekend and it was right there on the promo tables I knew it was fate.

The cover of Sandhya Menon's When Dimple met Rishi
Click to start reading

Let me tell you, fabulous reader, Instagram was spot on. When Dimple met Rishi is a glorious book. You might guess from the names that it’s about a couple of Indian characters – in fact they are both Indian-Americans; their parents were first generation immigrants. It’s about family and expectations and culture and being yourself and finding your path in life, and it’s funny and touching and wry and I loved it. It does lose a little bit of pace towards the end, but it’s so entirely excellent I’ll forgive that.

Well done, Instagram – bring me more!

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