How do you find good books?

For all its much vaunted “algorithms” I hate trying to find something new to read on Amazon. If I’ve got the title, or the name of a favourite author, yep, it’s a doddle to find a good book. But if you don’t know what you want, Amazon offers a rubbish browsing experience (imo).

I end up finding most of my books through recommendations. I put a note at the end of my last newsletter asking readers what they’d recommend me to try. I only got one response, but my, it was a doozy! The Girl from Everywhere is time travel and magic, folklore and heist, friendship and coming of age, and it’s entirely gorgeous.

I’ve finished The Girl from Everywhere now, so – what do you recommended, lovely reader? Anything good you want to share?

4 thoughts on “How do you find good books?

  1. The Hate U Give is brilliant (powerful – blew my mind in the same way Noughts and Crosses did when I first read it). Also loved When Dimple met Rishi (cute).
    You’ve read Max Seventeen: Firebrand, right?
    For sheer silliness, I like the Space Captain Smith books.


  2. AW Hartoin has a funny but endearing series about a heroine with the misfortune to look like Marilyn Monroe. Always has me laughing. The Mercy Watts series



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