The Crown of Fane


Two worlds. A queen determined to rule both. And one teen girl who stands in her way.

Zan MacKenzie doesn’t fit into twenty-first century life. She has EHS – electrical hypersensitivity – which she thought was just bad luck. She could never have guessed it’s because she’s half-human, half-fae.

When her mother vanishes and her father is left for dead on her seventeenth birthday Zan learns her birthright as a gatekeeper from dangerously attractive angel, Thanriel.

With the gates between Earth and Fane weakening, Zan – the girl who can’t flip a light switch – must embrace the elemental powers that are her destiny in order to defeat the fae queen and bring salvation to two damaged worlds.

What reviewers say:

“The Last Gatekeeper is out of this world!” – The Avid Reader.

“I absolutely loved Zan” – Living In The Pages.

“…kept me reading till 2am.” – Amazon Reviewer.

“fantasy, love, good versus evil and a fight to do what is right against the odds” – Brook Cottage Books

“[this book] will keep you on the edge of your seat” – AJ Book Review Club.

“I was completely blown away!” – Amazon Reviewer.

“For lovers of YA fantasy, this books ticks all the boxes…” – Between the Lines.

The queen is dead. Long live the queen…

“The Last Dreamseer is perfect for YA fans looking for a new heroine like Katniss or Tris.”

The crown of Fane is corrupt. No one knows that better than Deena, who has seen first hand how her mother’s abilities were abused by Fane’s queen to prop up a dying regime.

Deena would do anything to escape her destiny when her mother dies and she becomes the official dreamseer, servant to the crown.

When she meets Zan, Fane’s last gatekeeper, Deena sees a chance to gain her freedom. But Zan is accompanied by Cal, rebel thorn in the old queen’s side. Deena can’t risk Cal discovering that she was the one who betrayed him during the war – but she needs him if she’s ever to escape.

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