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I read a Bookbub!

If you’ve never heard of Bookbub (where have you been?) they are a book promotion company. They produce a book recommendation newsletter for keen readers (or indifferent ones, as you’ll see later!). You sign up, tell them what genres you’re interested in and they’ll send you a daily e-mail of two or three books in that genre which are on sale or free.

As an independent author, Bookbub is “the business” – the sole book promotion company that consistently gets results. If you score a Bookbub feature, you’ll make hundreds of sales, or thousands of downloads if your book is free. They are a big deal and indie authors are always scrambling to feature in their newsletter (they’ve turned me down every time I’ve asked so far).

Why am I telling you this? Well, it’s because having received their newsletter for the past two year, I finally read the first book I got from a Bookbub recommendation this week.

Way back when, I read Anita Oh’s The Truth Spell, a werewolf/high school mash up that was terrific fun. She was marked as one to look out for, so when I saw a boxed set of the first three books of the Werewolf High series on sale via Bookbub, I grabbed a copy. Scroll forward 6 months or so and I’ve started and discarded everything fresh on my Kindle and was stuck on a weekend shift at work with nothing to read. Tracking back, I found the boxed set and re-opened it to read The Tiny Curse and The Body Swap.

They are just as entertaining and easy to read as the first in the series. I loved slipping back into Lucy’s skin. Well recommended, Bookbub.

I’m still getting the Bookbub mails, although I do wonder if I’m their pickiest customer – one book downloaded over two years. Can anyone beat that?

T is for … truly spell-binding!

There was a bit of a wobble this week, reader, I’ll confess. I had a “T” book that was recommended by a friend whose books I love. Sadly, the book wasn’t half as good as her own and simply wasn’t for me. Referring back to my “speed of reading” measurement, when I’d been reading for 3 days and barely reached a quarter of the way through I knew we weren’t a good match.

So I shelved that and tried to find something (I was only mildly panic-stricken; no biggie). Taking what I’ve learned about searching on Amazon I picked a likely word, “Truth” and went in. Anita Oh’s The Truth Spell caught my eye. Oh, my goodness, it was a delight! It’s a first-person narrative and Lucy was so lively and spiky and fabulous the novel was a joy to read.

Cover of Anita Oh's The Truth Spell
Click to check it out.

I zoomed through it in two evenings’ reading, it was that good!

And a first for me – this was the first book I’ve read entirely on my phone. I often have short stories on my phone in case I’ve got five minutes to fill, but I’ve never tried to read an entire novel on my phone thinking it would be annoying to be continually swiping, but not at all. Clearly, if the narrative is gripping enough it doesn’t matter how I’m reading.

The Truth Spell is highly recommended if you like a fresh and modern paranormal tale. I’m now going in to find myself a “U” book, with the keyword “Under” – check back next week to see how that goes.