I read a Bookbub!

If you’ve never heard of Bookbub (where have you been?) they are a book promotion company. They produce a book recommendation newsletter for keen readers (or indifferent ones, as you’ll see later!). You sign up, tell them what genres you’re interested in and they’ll send you a daily e-mail of two or three books in that genre which are on sale or free.

As an independent author, Bookbub is “the business” – the sole book promotion company that consistently gets results. If you score a Bookbub feature, you’ll make hundreds of sales, or thousands of downloads if your book is free. They are a big deal and indie authors are always scrambling to feature in their newsletter (they’ve turned me down every time I’ve asked so far).

Why am I telling you this? Well, it’s because having received their newsletter for the past two year, I finally read the first book I got from a Bookbub recommendation this week.

Way back when, I read Anita Oh’s The Truth Spell, a werewolf/high school mash up that was terrific fun. She was marked as one to look out for, so when I saw a boxed set of the first three books of the Werewolf High series on sale via Bookbub, I grabbed a copy. Scroll forward 6 months or so and I’ve started and discarded everything fresh on my Kindle and was stuck on a weekend shift at work with nothing to read. Tracking back, I found the boxed set and re-opened it to read The Tiny Curse and The Body Swap.

They are just as entertaining and easy to read as the first in the series. I loved slipping back into Lucy’s skin. Well recommended, Bookbub.

I’m still getting the Bookbub mails, although I do wonder if I’m their pickiest customer – one book downloaded over two years. Can anyone beat that?

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