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Who are you writing for?

A meme popped into my Twitter feed the other day: A good writer always thinks about their reader. At first glance that looks like sage wisdom that’s hard to argue with, but my hackles immediately rose. Always? No, I really … Continue reading

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26 = infinity

I was going to rant this week, but it’s spring, the trees are blossoming, my WIP is progressing well and I don’t want to spoil the sensation of everything being right in the world. So instead, I’m going to share … Continue reading

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The end isn’t in sight

I’m cross and crotchety today. I feel like I’ve wasted my reading time this week on two books that didn’t end. Now, I don’t mean they were long, nor that they were dull. They didn’t end because their writers (and … Continue reading

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The Comfort of Old Friends

I got book vouchers for my birthday in November, and more for Christmas. Whilst the days have¬†been filled with¬†lazy holiday vibes I’ve been checking Twitter recommendations and I now have a well-stuffed Kindle. So why do I find myself dipping … Continue reading

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Teasers v Spoilers

WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR THE BRIDGE SERIES 2 (ALTHOUGH IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THAT YET, WHY ON EARTH NOT?!) This post has been brewing for a while, because I keep having to grumble when people who should know better spoil … Continue reading

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To be, or not to be…

If you’re a reader, you won’t need the initials TBR explained. Our to-be-read piles are discussed with fellow readers in tones of mild to moderate alarm, as though they might one day take over our houses, our lives and eventually … Continue reading

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Becoming a writer

This week I visited the Write Romantics’ blog, where they discussed what they had wanted to be “when they grew up”. The blog was titled “life before writing” and they all had very different careers in mind. I was fascinated … Continue reading

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Lie to me!

I write (and read) fantasy, which is perhaps the most obviously “made-up” of fiction genres, and suspension of disbelief is key to spinning a successful fantasy tale. Suspension of disbelief can perhaps be summed up as ‘don’t allow a little … Continue reading

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